Guitar Chords, Guitar Arpeggios and Guitar Scales Made Clear!

"A Graphic Symbol For Each Semi-Tone In An Octave"

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Learning guitar chords, arpeggios and scales is much easier with more informative diagrams of the guitar fretboard. Seeing both the finger placement and the music theory of the pattern at the same time will facilitate understanding and ability. Your fingers and mind will both get a "how to play guitar" workout in one easy-to-understand format.

Most fretboard diagrams rely on simple black dots to depict the pattern to play on the fretboard but that is all you learn: where to place your fingers. By using a graphic symbol for each note in the pattern you add in understanding of why the fingers are placed in a certain way related to the underlying music theory.

If you have experienced the rut of playing along memorized patterns and want to approach the fretboard differently, with more awareness of the notes you choose and play, then these guidebooks will help!

Learn guitar chords! Expand your chord vocabulary and learn new sounds. Chord theory, three note voicings: major chords, minor chords, augmented & diminished, four note voicings: major 7th chords, dominant 7th chords, minor 7th chords, minor7b5 chords, and one answer to: "How many chords are there?" Learn guitar arpeggios! Use arpeggios to connect your chords and widen the steps in your lead playing. Simple fretboard diagrams indicate many ways to play arpeggios and also a way to consolidate the various forms into primary ones. Includes harmonized arpeggio groups and arpeggio progressions played in one position. Learn guitar scales! Shred all over the neck and stay oriented on the fretboard. See how scales are constructed and how to condense many scales into seven primary ones. Learn the major and minor scale finger patterns, the seven modal forms and the underlying music theory. Compare various modal forms in any position and from any scale degree as you play.

$12.95 + s/h

$12.95 + s/h

$12.95 + s/h